5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Accommodation Facilities

Are you inadvertently committing mistakes that are ramping up the cost of your business or leisure trips? Avoid the following four mistakes and you will see a reduction in the cost of each trip that you make.

Not Checking the Location of Your Hotel

This mistake can result in high transportation costs in case the hotel you booked is far from affordable transport links such as trains and buses. Confirm that the hotel that you would like to book is located close to areas of interest such as malls, parks and restaurants.

Splurging on Room Amenities

Many people give in to the urge to select rooms with a wide array of amenities such as a private pool, Jacuzzi and a private bar. These amenities can raise the cost of the room to a level that will dent your finances. It is advisable that you pick a hotel room that only has amenities that are necessary to make your stay comfortable. Avoid spending on luxury amenities that drive the cost of accommodation beyond what you had budgeted.

Booking Too Early

It is good to make an early reservation for a hotel room because it gives you peace of mind that you will have a place to stay when you travel. However, you may miss some generous discounts in case you book too early. You can cut the cost of accommodation by taking advantage of last minute deals that are offered by some hotels. Talk to your travel agent in case you do not know how to pull this off.

Not Befriending the Staff

Courtesy goes a long way. A friendly chat with the hotel staff can unlock the hidden delights of your travel destination. This can enable you to enjoy unforgettable meals at a fraction of what it would cost you to have those same meals at an upscale restaurant. It can also enable you to see breathtaking places that may not have made it into the travel magazines that are handed out at airports. This can reduce how much you spend on travel guides.

Making a Booking During Peak Season

There is high demand for accommodation during peak travel seasons like Christmas holidays. The high demand can cause a spike in hotel rates. If possible, reduce your accommodation costs by postponing your trip until the peak season has ended. This will enable you to patronise your favourite hotel at a lower rate than what others paid during the peak season.

Avoid the mistakes above and your travel costs will remain affordable.