Owning Holiday homes in Caravan Parks- Concerns Laid to Rest

To many people, caravan parks are the quick get-away holiday option that never disappoint. Caravan parks offer the serene holiday alternative, eliminating the hustle and bustle of booking hotels, planning holiday itinerary, and several other difficulties of holiday planning. Besides allowing someone to book a site and pitch their caravan, many caravan parks also offer the option of buying a caravan home on the site. With this option, you get a fully furnished caravan home at your disposal on the park. The home becomes your quick, go-to destination during those periods you desire peace, tranquility and relaxation. The arrangement often seems confusing to many people. Here are some concerns you may have about owning homes on caravan parks.

Can you live in your holiday home?

If you own a home in a caravan park, you are allowed to visit your holiday home at any time during the general holiday period. Most parks are now increasing their holiday periods to run even an entire year. During the holiday period, you can live in your caravan home whenever you feel like. Caravan parks, however, will close for weeks or months to facilitate several "in-house" processes. You should also note that these parks are licensed as recreational facilities and not residential areas. For the above two reasons, you are not allowed to live permanently in your caravan home in caravan parks.

Can you invite friends or family to your home?

You are allowed to host family or even friends on your caravan home. Most caravan parks ask that your visiting friends or family members report at specific offices within the park for the formalisation of their visit. They may be given visitor passes, entertainment passes, or simply recorded on visitor books, depending on the rules in your caravan park. For people who wish to host events in their caravan homes, special permission has to be sought from the relevant authorities. Most people in such homes prefer peace and quiet during holidays. You should know, therefore, that hosting an event may ruin this for many other occupants. Some caravan parks offer areas for entertainment. In these areas, you can host your events, especially if they run late into the night.

Are there more annual running costs after purchasing the home?

There are annual running costs you are expected to pay once you have purchased these homes. They are costs for facilities such as electricity, gas, local rates, and other minor necessities you may require. Annual running costs for caravan park homes are usually minor since the occupant does not spend a lot of time in the home.

Are you allowed to rent out your holiday home?

Some caravan parks that offer such facilities allow homeowners to rent-out their homes to other parties. More strict parks do not allow this. You should confirm with your park first before trying to rent out your caravan home.

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