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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Accommodation Facilities

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Are you inadvertently committing mistakes that are ramping up the cost of your business or leisure trips? Avoid the following four mistakes and you will see a reduction in the cost of each trip that you make. Not Checking the Location of Your Hotel This mistake can result in high transportation costs in case the hotel you booked is far from affordable transport links such as trains and buses. Confirm that the hotel that you would like to book is located close to areas of interest such as malls, parks and restaurants. Splurging on Room Amenities Many people give in to the urge to select rooms with a wide array of amenities such as a private pool, Jacuzzi and a private bar. These amenities can raise the cost of the room to a level that will dent your finances. It is advisable that you pick a hotel room that only has amenities that are necessary to make your stay comfortable. Avoid spending on luxury amenities that drive the cost of accommodation beyond what you had budgeted. Booking Too Early It is good to make an early reservation for a hotel room because it gives you peace of mind that you will have a place to stay when you travel. However, you may miss some generous discounts in case you book too early. You can cut the cost of accommodation by taking advantage of last minute deals that are offered by some hotels. Talk to your travel agent in case you do not know how to pull this off. Not Befriending the Staff Courtesy goes a long way. A friendly chat with the hotel staff can unlock the hidden delights of your travel destination. This can enable you to enjoy unforgettable meals at a fraction of what it would cost you to have those same meals at an upscale restaurant. It can also enable you to see breathtaking places that may not have made it into the travel magazines that are handed out at airports. This can reduce how much you spend on travel guides. Making a Booking During Peak Season There is high demand for accommodation during peak travel seasons like Christmas holidays. The high demand can cause a spike in hotel rates. If possible, reduce your accommodation costs by postponing your trip until the peak season has ended. This will enable you to patronise your favourite hotel at a lower rate than what others paid during the peak season. Avoid the mistakes above and your travel costs will remain...

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Visiting Relatives This Holiday Season? Here Are 3 Great Reasons Why You Should Consider Seeking Separate Accommodation

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The holiday season is right around the corner, and like most people usually do at this time of the year, you might be planning to travel to be with your family. If you are indeed planning on doing so, one of the things that you should consider is looking for a separate accommodation to stay in during your visit. Here’s why: Avoid the overcrowding Although it’s great to be together with all your other family members during the holidays, living in a crowded space is not. This is especially so if yours is a large family. Staying nearby in an apartment or a bed-and-breakfast facility therefore goes a long way in easing the crowding. Your hosts remain unburdened and your family gets to enjoy some freedom as far as accommodation is concerned. You can make your way to your host’s house when you wish and retreat back to your temporary accommodation in the evening or whenever you like. It’s a win-win for everyone. Maintain some privacy during stay Another great reason why you should seek separate accommodation when visiting family or friends during this festive time is privacy. As you well know, there’s little privacy to be enjoyed in a house full of several families. If you like to enjoy your alone time, getting a separate place to stay is the only solution. This is especially ideal if you are visiting with your partner or family. Bed-and-breakfast properties are especially perfect for this as they are tucked away in reserved locations and some are sole-occupancy properties, meaning you do not share the place with any other people. Make it a holiday treat for you Thirdly, just because you are travelling to be with family does not mean that you cannot make it a holiday trip as well. By seeking a separate place to stay, you can accomplish just that. You can get yourself a cozy location where you can relax and enjoy the end of the year in style. Find a location with a few attractions that you can sample. Great scenery and extra amenities such as TV, Wi-Fi, a swimming pool, and air conditioning are just some of the additions that will make your stay even merrier.  Don’t know where to start in finding the right spot for your stay? Start online where there are numerous sites showcasing short-term accommodation spots across the country. Simply browse your ideal locations and find a spot that fits your needs and budget. Remember to book early; the holiday season can get quite...

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Owning Holiday homes in Caravan Parks- Concerns Laid to Rest

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To many people, caravan parks are the quick get-away holiday option that never disappoint. Caravan parks offer the serene holiday alternative, eliminating the hustle and bustle of booking hotels, planning holiday itinerary, and several other difficulties of holiday planning. Besides allowing someone to book a site and pitch their caravan, many caravan parks also offer the option of buying a caravan home on the site. With this option, you get a fully furnished caravan home at your disposal on the park. The home becomes your quick, go-to destination during those periods you desire peace, tranquility and relaxation. The arrangement often seems confusing to many people. Here are some concerns you may have about owning homes on caravan parks. Can you live in your holiday home? If you own a home in a caravan park, you are allowed to visit your holiday home at any time during the general holiday period. Most parks are now increasing their holiday periods to run even an entire year. During the holiday period, you can live in your caravan home whenever you feel like. Caravan parks, however, will close for weeks or months to facilitate several “in-house” processes. You should also note that these parks are licensed as recreational facilities and not residential areas. For the above two reasons, you are not allowed to live permanently in your caravan home in caravan parks. Can you invite friends or family to your home? You are allowed to host family or even friends on your caravan home. Most caravan parks ask that your visiting friends or family members report at specific offices within the park for the formalisation of their visit. They may be given visitor passes, entertainment passes, or simply recorded on visitor books, depending on the rules in your caravan park. For people who wish to host events in their caravan homes, special permission has to be sought from the relevant authorities. Most people in such homes prefer peace and quiet during holidays. You should know, therefore, that hosting an event may ruin this for many other occupants. Some caravan parks offer areas for entertainment. In these areas, you can host your events, especially if they run late into the night. Are there more annual running costs after purchasing the home? There are annual running costs you are expected to pay once you have purchased these homes. They are costs for facilities such as electricity, gas, local rates, and other minor necessities you may require. Annual running costs for caravan park homes are usually minor since the occupant does not spend a lot of time in the home. Are you allowed to rent out your holiday home? Some caravan parks that offer such facilities allow homeowners to rent-out their homes to other parties. More strict parks do not allow this. You should confirm with your park first before trying to rent out your caravan home. For more information, contact a company like Alpha Accommodation Centre Pty...

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Choosing the Best Hotel Room: Travel Tips for Parents of Kids With ADHD

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Travelling and staying in hotels with a kid who has ADD or ADHD can be challenging and frustrating to even the calmest parents. However, with the right strategies and a carefully chosen hotel room, you and your child can have a great time on your next holiday. Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing your hotel: 1. Choose a hotel that is close to the action A full day’s itinerary of sightseeing and shopping can be overwhelming for anyone, but it can be especially overwhelming for a kid with ADD or ADHD. To make things easier on your child, have a schedule and let him or her know what to expect during the day. Also, try to choose a hotel that is close to the action. That way, you can schedule breaks and times to unwind during the day, preventing meltdowns later. 2. Choose a hotel with a pool or exercise room If your kid has lots of energy, it may be hard for him or her to stay focused as you engage with tourist activities. Ideally, you want to find an outlet for your child’s energy on your holiday, and the easiest place to find that may be at the hotel. Look for a hotel that has a swimming pool, an exercise room or another place where your child can run and jump around. 3. Choose a hotel near nature If you pick a hotel near a natural area, it makes it easy to take a short hike before you head to the museums, stores, plays and other tourist venues, and according to a range of studies, time in nature can help keep ADHD symptoms under control. Even just a walk through a natural area can help your child to stay focused and under control for the rest of the day. 4. Choose a hotel with a mini fridge If your child has a special diet to help manage his or her ADHD or ADD symptoms, it may be hard to find the right snacks or meals during your holiday. If you have a mini fridge in your hotel room, it makes it easier to pack snacks. A kitchenette is also a great feature to have, as it allows you to make meals in your hotel room. Being able to eat alone with just the family can be a lot easier than having to eat in a busy, loud, overstimulating restaurant every night. For more information about hotels, contact a company like Windsor Lodge Como....

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Connecting with the town again — being a pub owner in rural Australia

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Pubs traditionally formed the social centre of most small towns. If you are buying a pub in Australia where the pub is run down and has become less popular, getting the town coming in again is the key to maximising your profitability. Here are some tips to making the pub popular: Hire great bar staff While hiring scantily dressed bar staff can be a common short cut to bringing bodies in the door, the key to repeat customers is bar staff that interact well with the patrons. A sparkling smile will bring more people in than a sparkling g-string, and won’t put off local families and women from visiting the pub. Great bar staff will remember regulars’ orders, and be interested in talking with people during quieter times. They will also be very organised and good at multitasking like cleaning while serving, as well as doing side work (cutting lemons and so on) while they have breaks in service.  Have some theme nights To bring people into the pub have some theme nights like trivia nights and karaoke competitions. Giving people some entertainment as well as place to drink will help bring in more customers throughout the week and give them an entertainment option rather than watching TV at home! Try running a battle of the bands to give local musicians a chance to perform, and look at hiring live music regularly — it’s a great way to show your commitment to the local community. Revise the menu If the menu has not been revised in a while, take a look through and see what other options could be added — plus, consider which options don’t get ordered much and can be taken off rotation. Over time even rural patrons have gotten intrigued by cooking shows and are getting more adventurous with trying new flavours and seasoning. Just make sure that your staff can confidently and consistently cook any items you add — food poisoning is no way to bring in new customers.  Go online While many of your customers will be repeat customers from the local town, a simple and attractive website can bring in people from surrounding towns and travellers passing through your town. Include details such as your maximum seating capacity so that any tour operators in the area know if they can consider your venue for large tour booking. As you can see, with some simple actions it’s easy to bring the local community back into the...

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Convincing your visiting family members to stay in a hotel

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It can be hard to convince family members that they would be more comfortable in staying in a hotel, but it can be well worth having the difficult conversation with them if it leads to a more relaxing visit for everyone. Here are some of the advantages to remind them about: Wake up on your own schedule At a hotel you can slip the ‘do not disturb sign’ on the door, but at your home, your guests are likely to be woken up by your kids, your pets or just you heading to work in the mornings. The sleeping in can make the holiday feel all the more relaxing and hotels do all they can to make their rooms as soundproof as possible. Your guests can also schedule wake-up calls from the front desk without inconveniencing anyone, so they can catch that all important connection home as well. Regular housekeeping Rather than getting into arguments with your family about tidying up at your hows and feeling hard done by if they expect you to do everything (or guilty if they do everything) it can be much simpler for them to stay at a hotel. That way they can have regular housekeeping visits and no one needs to negotiate the dishwashing schedules! No bathroom sharing The bathroom becomes heavily trafficked property when you add extra people into the household. No one wants to be hamstrung by their guest’s toileting or grooming. There is no need to share the hotel bathroom, so your guests can take extra long showers and take their time getting ready in the mornings. No one has to worry about using the last of the hot water. Comfy beds Hotel beds are replaced regularly due to the heavy traffic, whereas the guest bedroom often has a cheaper mattress or an old mattress. If your guests have a bad back or are fussy about pillows, it’s worth letting them know about the latest upgrades to the bedding at your local hotel chains. By getting a great night’s sleep, they’ll have plenty to energy to spend sightseeing with you the next day. No fights over the remote As much as you like to see each other, there are times that people just want to zone out. By staying in a hotel, they can zone out there and you watch your favourite show in peace! As you can see, the benefits of staying in a hotel are that you will get much more quality time together with a little space apart! You can make reservations for your visiting family members by contacting a hotel like Hougoumont Hotel...

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How Secure Is Your Motel’s WiFi?

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These days, pretty much everyone uses some sort of mobile device with internet connection capability.  This is particularly the case with business travellers who may need to get online to check their emails or access files either in the Cloud or via their office network system.  But how can you be sure that you’re safe to surf using the free WiFi connection offered by your lodgings? How to surf safely on hotel WiFi Protect yourself by only accessing the web through a VPN (virtual private network).  A VPN will encrypt all your digital traffic keeping you safe from hackers.   If you can’t avoid sharing personal data, only use sites with “HTTPS” prefixes.  This means that the site is fully encrypted so your communications should be safe.   Many computers have an automatic default setting which leaves the file sharing function switched on.  This leaves your personal data vulnerable to attack by cyber-thieves, so always turn it off before you begin browsing.   Your device’s firewall should be up-to-date and switched on.  By itself, a firewall won’t keep a really determined hacker out, but it’s better than no protection at all.   Make sure your browser is regularly updated.  The most popular browsers have ID theft protection functionality that will automatically alert you to any possible threats.  While they’re not totally foolproof, they will afford you some defence when you’re using unprotected networks. Password-protected networks Some hotels offer router encryption and a guest-only password.  The degree of protection they offer is limited depending on type of router encryption in effect: WEP or WPA. The WEP protocols are now somewhat dated and don’t provide much security.  WPA certified programs are more robust—unless of course the hacker is a guest in the same lodgings and already has the system password! Ethernet connection Given the potential issues surrounding your motel’s wireless networks, wouldn’t it be safer to use their wired Ethernet connection instead? Unfortunately, the majority of wired hotel networks are LAN set-ups.  This is a very old protocol that enables small groups of trusted users within a business to be connected via a Local Area Network (LAN).  LANs were devised back in the days before wireless connectivity had been thought of and thus do not have any security protocols in place, which makes them a happy hunting ground for hackers. It is possible that a tech-savvy hotel guest could view all of the unencrypted data flowing through the LAN.  This means that your personal information might be out there for all to see! In conclusion Unfortunately, no network is entirely safe from malicious attacks by cyber-criminals and it’s your responsibility to take what precautions you can to protect yourself.  Install a VPN, lock-down your laptop systems and be very wary about what data you share when travelling away from home. For more information, contact a motel like Burswood Lodge and ask what internet protection they have in...

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How To Create A “Home Away From Home” Motel Experience

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When you are out of town on a business trip and staying in motels in unfamiliar cities, the experience can be a lonely one. Away from your family and your home comforts, it might seem like all you have to look forward to is an evening of television. If you are staying in a motel for an extended period of time, that absence from home and family can affect you with even greater force. But there are some things you can do to make your motel stay a more home-like one. Pack framed pictures. What better way to be reminded of your loving family than to place photos of them around your motel room? Ensuring that these are framed pictures will increase the feeling of home in the room because your family will become an essential part of the interior decoration. When the last thing you see at night and the first thing you see in the morning is the image of your family, you will feel more at home, wherever you might be. Travel with your favourite teabags. Or with any other drink that you particularly enjoy for that matter. When you live at home, there are certain eating and drinking rituals that you will create for yourself without even realising it. For example, perhaps you always have a cup of ginseng tea after your morning shower or you relax in bed with a cup of camomile in the evening time. If you take your teas of choice with you to the motel, you can recreate these patterns of behaviour that will subconsciously give you an enhanced sense that your motel room is a home away from home. Chat to the staff. A home feels like home not because of the essential space that it inhabits, but because of the relationships that you have at home. Human beings are innately social creatures, and you can improve your sense of comfort if you make the effort to be social on your trip. Instead of just thanking and tipping the porter who takes care of your luggage, why not ask them about their day? This small extra effort will result in you feeling far more relaxed in a space that is new to you. Follow this advice and you won’t have to dread your next business trip. You can create a home for yourself anywhere that you are, and when you return, your family and home life will still be there waiting for...

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Questions To Ask To Help Choose The Perfect Wedding Venue

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It can be tempting for couples who are getting married to choose the location of their wedding reception venue based on the overall look of the venue. However, choosing the nicest location may end up costing much more money in the long run – especially if you haven’t asked the right questions about the venue, or considered the needs of your guests. Here are some questions to consider asking the owners of prospective wedding reception venues, to help you make the perfect choice. Guests Most couples will ask how many people a venue will safely accommodate, but many forget to ask if there is a minimum amount of guests when using a wedding reception venue. The minimum number of people means that if there is a minimum number of, for example, one hundred guests to use a location, and you only have eighty attending, you will be asked to pay the difference. This is especially true if your reception is booked for a Saturday night. Also, even though you may not need disability access to the venue for your guests (if they are all able-bodied), accidents can happen between the time you book and the day of the reception. This can result in requiring ramps to access the venue. Be sure to ask if the venue can accommodate this. The Location Itself The time of year you intend to marry in can change the type of questions you may need to ask. For example, if you are getting married at an outdoor venue in the summer, ask what contingency plans the owner has in case of inclement weather on the day or during the reception itself. If marrying in winter, ask if the venue has a coat checking service, and whether or not it is staffed. Remember, venues often publish pictures of the location which are taken in the summer, so be sure to visit your intended location on the same day of the week and the same time you plan to have the reception. This gives you a better idea of how it will look when you use it. Transportation Many couples overlook the importance of their guests’ transportation needs to and from the venue. Although most guests would drive to a venue themselves, it’s important to let them know how they can get back home after celebrating with you. Ask the venue owner if there is a coach shuttle service, or if they have any affiliations with local coach companies who can provide such a service. Consider how far the venue is from train stations and taxi companies, and let your guests (some of whom may be unfamiliar with the surroundings of the wedding reception venue) know in advance. Also, ask how many vehicles can be accommodated at your intended venue, and check to see if they offer valet parking services. Most couples will have a set list of questions to ask, but try to inquire about the less common questions, such as the ones above. It is a good idea to write down all the answers, so you have the information to call upon when making your final wedding reception venue choice. Get started on your venue search today by contacting a function venue like Norwood House...

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